Strengthen, Protect and Beautify Your Toenails

Strengthen, Protect and Beautify Your Toenails

  • Plantar Fasciitis: Understanding Your Treatment and Management Options

    The most common cause of heel pain is damage to the plantar fascia. In general, the plantar fascia can be defined as the critical tissue which supports the foot by connecting the heel bone to the other associated bones. If this component of the foot sustains damage, it will thicken and become less flexible. Consequently, you will experience extensive pain in your heel when you put your weight on it. This pain can affect the quality of your life significantly because you will not be able to perform daily activities with ease.

  • Cracked Heels: What You Need To Know

    Cracked heels are one of the most common foot problems that podiatrists have to deal with. Affected feet are often unsightly and uncomfortable, but any experienced podiatrist will tell you that this condition has the potential to become far more than a cosmetic problem. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of cracked heels, and find out why it is so important to seek professional medical help to deal with this unpleasant condition.

  • About Me

    Strengthen, Protect and Beautify Your Toenails

    If you are like me, you have probably been in embarrassed in the past about having thick, yellow or otherwise unsightly toenails. You may have even suffered pain from your toenails. Those statements used to describe me, but with the help of my family and podiatrist, my toenails have returned to a strong, clear and beautiful state. The journey wasn't always easy, and it forced me to ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research. As a result, I learned everything you can find in these blog posts. I see other people with painful looking toenails on the street, and I want to help them with some pointers, but walking up to strangers – however well intentioned – is a bit beyond my comfort levels so I decided to create this blog. I hope it helps and entertains you!